Reza Farmand



Reza Farmand was born in 1956 in Tabriz and grew up in Teheran. He studied Arts at Bangalore University (1981) and English at Copenhagen University (1996). His first collection of poems, Eternal Dance was printed in1983 in Teheran, but the censor administration of the clerical regime prohibited its distribution. He has published the following collection of poems in Persian abroad:

Eternal Dance (1988),

Waiting (1989),

The Light of Word and the Modesty of God (1991),

The Acid of Exile (1991),

The Spring of Word (1991),

My Mother Didnít Become Beautiful (1991),

White Nights: erotic poems (1999)

Polar Poems (2002).


He has been living in Denmark since 1985. His poems have appeared in many Persian literary magazines in exile.