Reza Farmand


Holocaust means:

Death thinks, animosity thinks

And still, itís possible to burn

The most beautiful meaning of all,

The meaning of human being


Holocaust means:

Human being

With its teeth of bomb, artillery and bullet

Is the wildest beast of all.


I watch womenís hair

They have cut them like hair of the sheep

How is it possible not to see caress in hair?


How is it possible not see child in mother

And mother in child?

Where is the red line of human being, then?


In Auschwitz,

Upon entering into a block

I would search the light of exit sign.


Auschwitz means:

It is still possible to change the meaning of human being

And still itís possible to transform

The majestic human being into a number

And still, itís possible to define the star as you like.


Auschwitz means:

Human being hasnít yet become

So intelligent and heavenly to

Prevents crime from climbing on it


Auschwitz was a slaughter house for meanings

In Auschwitz the inmates werenít allowed

To stand upright in their words

And have free time of recreation in their aspirations


Please write your names and addresses clearly on your luggage

We just want to replace youÖ

Youíve been travelling in freight trains for several days

You are exhausted, thirsty, and hungry

Before resting, youíd better take a gas shower!


Welcome to the factory of death, Auschwitz!

Here,Ē your only escape route is through chimney holes.Ē


It is said that the difference between a human being and an animal

Is that a human being talks

The greater difference might be his ability to lie


How soon the absolute power separates its heart for other hearts

Is it possible to melt the words of human in the furnace of power

And transform it into a soft and malleable wax?

Wasnít it the absolute power of Hitler that Turned into the soft wax,

The words of so many doctors, army officers and soldiers?


Father Maximilian* offered his life to a prisoner

And thus, helped escape the meaning of human being from Auschwitz

Father Maximilian didnít allow them to burn the meaning of human being


To forget Holocaust

How many feasts should be held?

In Cracow

Women donít allow Auschwitz to speak louder than life!

And vigilantly lead life through its deaths


Holocaust is the most dreadful well of history!

Holocaust is the blackest stain on words

Holocaust should be mixed with all noble human alarms

And forgotten.




July 2008


* Maximilian Kolbe (1894- 1941)


Translated from Persian